Baurice Nelson

Baurice grew up in Lacey Washington. Some of you may remember him from Timberline High school and if you spent any time at the local clubs over the years, you probably have seen him actively participating as a club owner and entertainment director. A long time DJ at the historical Tyee on Trosper Road left many locals with lasting memories and a dance club the Olympia area has yet to live up to. Baurice was a fixture on Friday and Saturday nights, providing music, entertainment and for some of became the of it's time.


Baurice has owned and operated two other successful entertainment hotspots in downtown Olympia starting at an early age. The North Shore Surf Club was one of few underage night clubs in the early 90s. It was there where he booked his first band and a great story he tells with non-chalance. Baurice and his staff of one...opened the door that night to see an endless line of patrons extending around the block. Unaware and unprepared that this local "little known" band had already formed a group of local followers he was forced to recruit from his customers to assist in the service. The band was playing for the first time with their new band mate and drummer Dave Grohl. The "quiet and odd" trio (as he described them at the time) called Nirvana...would soon become the iconic grunge band of our time. The Northshore Surf Club flyer is pictured in Nirvana's box set and this gig was quoted by Dave Grohl front man of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana's brand new drummer at the time as "a moment he remembers as it was yesterday". The footage of this video is not only on many Nirvana fan sites but is sold in video format throughout the world.

The Northshore Surf Club housed many "up and comers" in the early 90s. The Melvins and a girl band called Bikini Kill, which was mentioned by Heath Ledger in the movie "Ten Things I hate about you". From there Baurice took on a DJ position at The Tyee which turned into ten years of Entertainment Management until he finally opened his own 21+ night club called "The Go Club". Classic downtown architecture offered three tiers of entertainment. A foyer with a wrap around bar and cat walk, a midfloor billiards area, descending to a dance floor and stage. Baurice found a niche in promoting comedians during the week and offering entertainment Olympia was lacking at that time. He brought us hundreds of entertainers including Gallagher, Michael Winslow, Ross Shaffer, Jimmie JJ Walker, Mitch Headberg, Kyle Cease and Craig Gass, Screech from Saved by the Bell and hosted "meet and greet" events with Eric Estrada and Adam West...just to name a few. Prior to closing his doors he was in negotiations with the one and only "Leave it to Beave"...Jerry Mathers.

I remember having dinner at a restaurant downtown Olympia watching a different crowd of attendees, dressed in "date night" attire lined up outside "The Go Club" to catch a comedy show. I also remember the "party" crowd who gathered on a Saturday night. Baurice provided entertainment for thrasher metal mosh pits to the rock and roll dance crowd and was able to create an environment for everyone to enjoy which quickly became the talk of the town.

A funnyman himself, Baurice has an eye for talent and a contagious personality. I still call him my entertainment coordinator even when he is not preparing for an event. He now focuses 95% of his career on his business of 19 years "Capital West Limo" and fortunately for us he has maintained his entertainment connections and is dabbling in a few rare promotional opportunities with local businesses. Take advantage of these rare economical events. When it says "Baurice Presents" know it will be fun! Bring a date or group of friends to one of Baurice's comedy shows. It will be a guaranteed good time and a refreshing change from tequila shots and bowling!


Disclaimer: The "About Me" category of this website was written as a biographical profile based on factual information and personal experiences I have collected as a friend/acquaintance of Baurice for 20+ years. As an eye witness, patron and lifelong resident of Olympia I have inadvertently followed his career and admired his entrepreneurial conquests. I felt qualified to share this information knowing in advance his humble personality would prevent him from outlining his accomplishments. He has brought something to Olympia that we would never have without his efforts and I hope we all support him in his conquests and encourage him to continue promoting events.




Baurice has met the love of his life Julie and her 3 beautiful girls have become the addition

to make life complete. Married 7/11/11 They are enjoying all that life has to offer as a family.